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To mark the first anniversary of Techno record label SUB tl, the Madrid-based duo Luis Rozalén [ Hd Substance ] and Leandro Gámez known as UnCUT collaborated with Oscar Mulero on their own track, Beneath.

The first track remixed by Mulero envelopes the aural space with a bellowing drum that dissipates underneath a simmering hi-hat. UnCUT provides a rework of their own track with layered rhythmic interplay that lilts, syncopates and inflects with rigor and stamina. Mulero’s next remix is underscored with a resilient staccato line that energizes the track while the bass line fades out and remerges to create an suspenseful dialogue between rhythmic themes. The final track, F9, is a new piece from UnCUT featuring celestial broken chords that flicker in rapid succession and dissonate with a hovering mid-range motif.

Pressed by Triple Vision in Holland, the vinyl’s marbled transparent haze conjures up the elusive moment of a strobe light piercing through the smoke of a fog machine. Each record’s uniquely characteristic appearance evokes the texture of leather with its naturally uneven tone and blemishes. Ten limited edition versions of the vinyl release are available with a leather sleeve handcrafted by Parallel Dimensions, a joint exploration of both clothing and sound.

The hides have been tanned by a leather artisan who lives in a small town in Transylvania, Romania. The imperfections that do not meet industry requirements have been hand-chosen for their innately distinctive and primal qualities. Hexagonal bolt geometry, hand-engraved aluminium plating and silicone stamped seals elucidate the meticulously engineered sounds of SUB tl. 

Available now on Bandcamp.

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